SJR Labs is dedicated to producing the cleanest, purest most effective forms of Co2 extract medicine available in Maine.

We strive to be industry leaders with our manufacturing techniques. Our goal is to provide consistent, safe cannabis extracts to Maine patients at very affordable rates. Our extracts help patients obtain and use medicine at a much lower cost than smoking traditional flower. We test every single batch of extract with multiple testing agencies here in Maine.


Every batch of our Co2 extracts are lab tested and verified prior to being worked into their final medicinal variety. Co2 oil is excellent for vaporizing, edibles, lotions, salves and tinctures. Our testing methods allow us to be able to offer dosage instructions to patients while clearly and accurately informing the patient of how many milligrams of THC and CBD the medicine contains.

Equipment / consulting

For patients, caregivers or dispensaries who rent our extraction equipment we can provide guidance and consultation on industry leading recipes for edibles, vaporizer cartridges, lotions and tinctures that we have found to have the highest medicinal value.

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THC infused, lab tested edibles

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Lab Testing for Patients & Caregivers

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